So nice to meet you, and I am happy you're here!

Thirteen years ago after my wedding I remember standing in my kitchen, staring at my bouquet, wishing I knew how to save it. I had decision fatigue and no energy left to begin researching how to preserve my  flowers. So - I hung it upside down, hoped for the best, and it is now a dusty mess in an Ann Taylor Loft bag at the top of my closet. (womp womp)

If you have special flowers and you don't want them to look like the guy who drank from the wrong chalice in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, please bring them to me. I would love the opportunity to create a special keepsake for you to cherish! Whether the flowers are from your wedding, memorial service, baptism, etc. We work with flowers from all occasions. 

I have been a full-time biologist for over 13 years, and preserved flowers for fun on the side. Recently, I decided to make a switch, and am now a full-time floral preservationist, which means more attention to detail and quicker product turnaround!

I am looking forward to preserving your beautiful memories, one petal at a time.

- Ashley Ferguson


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